As we all know this year is different. Because of the pandemic, this brought so many changes in our lives.

pandemic covid


  • Parents should support for their child :

parents should support for their

This summer Susan, a mother of two was planning to cancel their sleep-away camp. She heard from any of her husband’s employees that there is a campaign called Mask awareness. It aims to teach girls entrepreneurial, financial, and business skills in five weeks. So her 17 years old daughter jumped into this opportunity and also she added other girls to this campaign.

Mrs. Susan said “, it helped her daughter to understand so many things that many parents worried about teaching their children”. This practical guidance they are getting will help them whenever they need to make major decisions like college join, buying a car, debt, etc.

  • Covid-19 big impact on financial sector :

covid 19 impact on financial

“This pandemic has exposed too many Americans financial vulnerabilities,” said Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz, president of the Charles Schwab Foundation. “People are putting a high priority on educating this next generation, so they don’t experience what they’re experiencing today.”

  • Let the child decide where their interest is :

let the child decide where their interest

Besides that, the aim is to help them grow knowledge in their way. Make them value their lives, grow a passion, make ideas, and discuss it with their own age’s that they could learn skills and expand it into a business in the future. You can learn from the internet, their so many sources that could provide knowledge. First, a child has to decide where his or her interest is.

“The people have finally understood the fact that digital learning is here”. Ms. Openshaw said. Anyone can gather knowledge from any corner of the world. Now parents are seeing that everything is advanced today. So I think they should gather knowledge too. So that they could understand the language of them.

Why is it important to learn outside of the education system?

First of all, students who think and learn outside of the classroom build their self-esteem and make them more interested in their education. Many studies have proven that students who are involved with extra activities and want to learn above their academical, they usually have a different way of thinking, behavior and they tend to engage with other students so fast. Besides that, it improves the personal, social, and emotional development of a kid.

think outside of box and learn anything you

In 2016, A study tour forum administrated exclusive research to find out how learning outside of the classroom helps the students to improve themselves. They found that 60% of the students have increased their level of confidence, resilience, and well-being and also they got higher grades than before.

Besides that, if a student gets a lecture about a study or getting good grades they wouldn’t be able to think outside of the box. Then their confidence level would get lower and their life would get stuck into a textbook.

  • Let your child have fun activities :

let your child have

Nowadays, we read a lot of news of kids committing crime and suicide. It’s not their fault. This is the only result of a lack of emotional balance and negative thoughts. They become annoyed with their life, can’t decide to whom she/he could talk about their anxiety. Because in the puberty time they start to have physical changes, produce hormones that sometimes make them anxious about silly things.

So for the parents, I would like to say, don’t misunderstand your child, don’t push your kid into the race. Focus on what he/she wants. Trust them and help them grow.

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