As we grow up, we all see so many differences in our skin. Our skin tends to get oily then bad pimple happens. Sometimes it feels dry and flecky also. So we start to build a skincare routine.

For me, it was so hard to choose the right product for my skin. I was so confused with the day and night skincare routine also. After so many mistakes and researches I have found my perfect skincare routine and also I learned a lot.
To build a skincare routine you have to know your skin type first. It’s very simple yet complicated.

There is a simple method which is called the bare-faced method. In this way, you can find out your skin type. You don’t need any blotting sheets or anything. First, wash your face with a gentle cleanser then delicately wipe off your skin. Leave your skin bare do not apply any moisturizer or serum. After 30 minutes If you see a little shine in your cheeks, chin, nose, and forehead then its oily. If you feel parched and tight on your smile area then it’s dry and if it’s a bit shine in the nose and forehead area which is called T zone then it’s most likely normal to combination.
So now that you know what your skin type is, it would be very easy to find the right product for your skin type.

Always remember simplicity is the best. There are three basic methods of good skincare. Cleanse, tone, and moisturizer. You can add products depending on your current skincare needs. For example, you got bad acne, in that situation you have to add acne treatment products to your skincare routine. But the strict rule is to apply sunscreen daily no matter what the weather is. Do not step out of your house without applying sunscreen.

Now I am going to talk about the three simple steps of a skincare routine.

Step No 1:

  • Cleanser
This is the first step of your routine no matter how many times you change it. A cleanser removes all the dirt and oil from your face when it comes to starting your day or at the night time before sleep. Our face constantly catching pollution, bacteria, dirt, and old skin cells which is dead skin cells. If you start to wash your face twice a day, you will get fresh dirt and acne-free skin day by day. After cleaning your face would be able to work well with the toner and moisturizer.

People who have oily skin should go for foaming cleanse on the other hand dry skin people should use an oil-based mild cleanser.

Step No 2:

  • Use a good toner

After washing your face with a good cleanser toner prepares your face for its next steps which are serum and moisturizer. It removes excess oil, dirt, or any leftover makeups from your face but it is not a substitute for washing your face with a cleanser.
While choosing a toner make sure its alcohol free. Because alcohol makes your skin dry and makes you look dark and ashy. So make sure it’s right for your skin type. Rebecca Kazin a dermatologist says, “way before toner were used to balance the PH level on the skin after washing face with soap or facewash”. Now cleanser is more PH balanced and gentle. So toner works on the face with its beneficial way.
If your skin in supper dry try using a toner with rose water, chamomile, or vitamin E. if your skin oily and acne-prone then use Tea tree toner. Or you want to get anti-aging benefits from your toner then use vitamin C and vitamin E toner.

Step No 3.

  • Moisturizer

This is the last step of your skin. Moisturizing gives you healthy and glowing skin. There are so many benefits of moisturizing regularly. Do you think moisturizing is very simple ?! well, No ! you cannot just pick anyone and put it on your skin. You have picked the right moisturizer and add it to your skincare routine. A moisturizer should be applied twice a day. Once in the morning and the evening as well.

Apply a moisturizer right after you got out of the shower, it locks the moisture. Don’t slather up too much into your skin and apply gently, you will get the maximum benefits. And also don’t forget to apply to your neck area.
Use a water-based moisturizer for oily skin and heavy creamy moisturizer for dry to normal skin types. And also do not use body lotion on your face, it clogs the pores.

Okay, that is all about building your skincare routine. Make sure you follow the rules and keep it simple.

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