Currently, everybody wants to lose weight. Sometimes it is very easy for someone and on the other hand, it is quite hard for someones too. We sure all have that one friend who eats like a giant and get over it with a burp. I know I am over exaggerating it but we all secretly envy that friend.

how to lose weight

Since it’s so difficult for some people to lose weight even if the person is doing everything right. So, in my weight loss journey, I have made so many mistakes and learned a lot. And probably you are making the same mistakes.

Hope this following steps will help you to lose weight.

Step No. 1

  • Take enough protein that helps you keep your stomach full

eat more

You are not eating enough protein at the beginning of the weight loss journey, you tend to feel hungry a lot. What protein do is, it helps to reduce your appetite and changes divers weight controlling hormones. Also, high protein intake boosts your metabolism. From now on, add protein sources in each one of your meals. Many researchers have proven that eating a high amount of protein may boost your calorie consumption by 80-100 calories per day. It also reduces the problem of over craving snacks because it keeps you full.

Step No. 2

  • Don’t Stress out.

don't stress yourself

You are doing too much of everything and not focusing on tracking and stress management: probably on the stress, you are doing everything excessively to lose weight fast.
Like you are exercising a lot and also eating less. As a result, you feel weak and less motivated. So cheat with your diet plan once a week. Don’t exercise on that day, eat whatever you want to. This will bring more energy the next day. It claimed that having a cheat day improves your metabolic system due to fluidness in hunger hormones leptin.

Step No. 3

  • Sitting long time at the desk is not a good practice.

You move less unless you are at the gym. You are so determined that you want to lose your weight. You eat right, you work out for 2 hours but you probably sit for 10 hours for work!

Do you know that sitting more than six hours per day leads to an early death! Shocking right? Yes, no matter how much you eat healthily and exercise for 2-3 hours a day or add any other healthy habits, it never helps if you don’t solve your excessive sitting problem.
If you keep sitting straight 2 hours your good cholesterol drops by 20%. That easily explains people with desk jobs have the highest rate of cardiovascular disease. If you want to lose weight you have to take care of every single thing.

Step No. 4

  • You are not drinking enough water.

Most of the studies have shown that increasing the level of water intake may help you burn calories. It helps to boost your metabolism and put down your appetite. A study shows that if you drink water 2 liters every day your body will be burning its fat twice as much as it could.

As we all know adult human body consists of 60% water. It means this calorie-free liquid plays an important role in our body function. So the more you drink water and hydrate yourself, the more your body takes its energy from your extra body fat. There are so many ways that cause body weight. But if your goal is to stay fit for the long term then drinking lots and lots of water should be your first step to starts with.

Step No. 5

  • Not sleeping enough.

After checking everything if you still not losing weight, its probably your lack of sleep. At least 7-9 hours of sleep is necessary for you if you want to live a stress-free healthy life. There is a popular question “Could lack sleep is causing you to put on weight? The answer is “technically yes”.

Let’s say, you couldn’t sleep well last night, you are sleepy. So you will notice that you drinking coffee several times and your sugar craving to keep you focused on work. Later that you skip the gym and lay down on your bed idly. This venomous process of sleep can harmfully distract your health. So make bedtime and try to maintain it.

So the bottom line is, healthily losing weight is not easy. It’s a matter of hard work, balance, and patience. In the end, taking care of your body will thank you later.

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