Maybe you have been thinking of coloring your hair, but it’s driving you crazy when it comes to choosing the right hair color according to your skin tone. You have to identify your skin complexion before picking the right color for your hair. This step is very important. Recognizing your skin tone plays a major role when it comes to finding the right hair color because your hair is right next to your skin. Because the right hair color can make you look younger and gives a different vibe to your personality.

  • Here are some best way to select hair color according to your skin tone.

how to identifying skin tone

  • Identifying skin tone:

To know the complexion, look at your wrist or top of your hand. Can you see blue or purple veins? If you notice blue or purple veins, it means you have a cooler undertone. If it’s green or greenish-blue, then you have a warm skin tone. And those of you who can’t tell whether it’s green or blue, you probably have a neutral skin tone. People with olive complexion probably fall into this category.

If you are still confused then bring silver jewelry and gold jewelry. Silver will look radiant on a cool undertone and gold will look perfect with a warm undertone.

Now that all clear, let’s decide the color according to your skin tone.


hair color for cool skin tone
Model: Nicole Kidman
  • Hair color for cool skin tone:

People with cool undertone usually have pink, blue, and red tones in their complexion. They probably have jewel-toned eye colors, and their hair is usually black or darker colored by born. So there might have a contrast between skin, hair, and eye color.

find best hair color
Model: Hailey Bieber | Source:

Color to do:

Warm or golden color tones will look great with this tone. So, without any confusion go for golden blond, white platinum blond, or warm red will balance the skin tone and will bring out the gorgeousness of your face.


hair color for warmer skin tonehair color for warmer skin tone
Model: Jennifer Aniston
  • Hair color for warmer skin tone:

The warmer skin tone has a hint of a yellow and orange undertone. But you have pale skin then you should have an olive base. The goal is to get healthy-looking skin by coloring hair according to skin tone.

Colors to do:

Usually, copper and caramel toner will make you look at the skin tone more glowy. So, go for a rich auburn, honey blond, golden brown.


hair color for dark skin tone
Model: Rihanna | Source:
  • Hair color for darker skin tone:

Finding the perfect differentiation between your hair and skin tone is the main goal. What we should remember is that our hair color and skin tone should not match. Yes!

Because it makes your features disappeared. So, if your skin is warm or goldish, excellent shades of mahogany or copper draw out the brightness in your skin.

choose hair color for darker skin tone
Model: Beyoncé | Source:

Before coloring your hair the first thing you should know is your skin tone. Because you have to choose your hair color according to your skin tone. If you can’t figure out your skin tone after applying all the methods try matching your skin tone with celebrities. This is the easiest way to find someone’s skin tone to choose a hair color according to the descriptions.

Remember, we all are different and naturally beautiful but changing hair color will bring a great change in our look which is amazing.

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