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Traveling Reduces The Risk of a Heart Attack

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Traveling Reduces The Risk of a Heart Attack

Science has proven that traveling reduces the risk of a heart attack. Cases of heart attack have continued to rise over the years and it’s interesting to note that scientific studies have found men who do not take a vacation for several years are 30 percent more likely to have a heart attack. Those men who go on vacation regularly are 21 percent less likely to die of such an attack as traveling reduces the risk of heart attack, while women who go on holiday only once every six years are eight times more likely to suffer a heart attack. 

Couple traveling

As surprising as these findings may be, upon closer inspection you can see why that’s the case. Travelers tend to be more active than those who spend most of their lives sitting in an office chair all day.

Tourists are engaged in walking

Tourists can walk as much as ten miles a day, sightseeing and soaking up attractions in faraway places. Travelers are also more inclined to try new activities while on their travels, such as hiking, paddleboarding and snorkeling. These activities boost physical and mental health and allow travelers to reduce the risk from a heart attack.

According to the World Heart Federation, moderate exercise lowers your risk of heart attack by 30% to 50%. So, yes, science agrees that you are doing yourself a big favor when you embrace traveling. To sum up, science has proven that by engaging in more traveling activities we will lower the risk of heart attack.

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