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Best Apps To Edit Pictures Like Travel Bloggers

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Best Apps To Edit Pictures Like Travel Bloggers

Today with our smartphones in our fingerprints, we can use free apps to edit pictures like travel loggers do these days. There’s no escaping the urge to snap that colourful backstreet in Cuba, or take a full panorama of those incredible cityscapes in New York. But if you want to take your photos a little further, consider using some of these great photography apps to edit your pictures. Whether you want to edit, share or just have fun with your pictures, these are the best photography apps that most famous travel bloggers used on our travels.


There are hundreds of photo editing apps out there for Android and iOS, but none are as powerful and easy to use than Snapseed. Hence, Snapseed is used by a large number of travel bloggers to edit their pictures because it is very easy to use. Open an image in the app and you can fine-tune the basics like contrast and brightness, but also things like ambiance, structure, and sharpness.

editing images with snapseed

Download Snapseed on iPhone and Android for free


VSCO is the app of choice for many travel bloggers, though its interface isn’t quite as user-friendly as Snapseed’s. There is a host of popular presets and manual editing controls, plus you can take images directly in the app.

It also doubles up as its own social network, where professionals and amateurs alike share their snaps. However, the app can sometimes be slow and recent interface changes have ruffled the feathers of dedicated users.

editing images with VCSCO

Download VSCO on iPhone and Android for free


Lightroom for Mobile is, of course, the mobile app for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Many travel bloggers use the Lightroom on the desktop but the new Lightroom for mobile will sync your photos between devices and allow you to access and edit them from anywhere. The good thing is that you can do most of the things you did in the desktop version with the new Lightroom for mobile edition.  Most importantly, you can edit whites, blacks, and individual colors which are three things most travel bloggers do to every single photo before they post them.

editing images with lightroom

Download Lightroom on iPhone and Android for free

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